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Phyl London is a Level 4 Master Trainer at Healthworks specializing in Pilates, strength and group exercise. Creator of Bodiphy® a lifestyle that incorporates healthy behaviors that are sustainable, effective and will bring endless benefits to your overall health for the rest of your life. Bodiphy® brings you through a full-body experience of Pilates, Barre, strength and alignment training. This method maximizes muscle activation especially in the underused smaller muscles, resulting in a strong, lean, and defined physique.

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I’m grateful I’ve had Bodiphy to help keep me fit during 3 pregnancies! As my needs have changed, Phyl has always been able to tailor exercises that are safe and effective, helping me to constantly improve myself. Erin Walker, Licensed Acupuncturist

Phyl Taught me that I don't have to kill myself with vigorous cardio routines to attain a strong fit Body. Bodiphy helped me shed the bulk and finally find a sustainable way to maintain my true figure! Julia Bateman

Phyl has developed a program that results in visible changes in her clients without dull routines. She is constantly adapting to our needs, and sharing new ideas with her clients that keep us challenged and engaged. Cassia Wyner, AKBD


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